Use Mklinux to install a private Network with ip-masquerading and dialup:

Based on Mklinux DR3Alpha5, New Kernel with ppp 2.3.5 which does demand dialling.

To download click here!

The kernel is rather old, so if you have a better one you can download the

README-files and ppp-script only HERE

Note: This is no rpm!, you have to install everything by copying the files into the proper destinations!

If it works mail me:

If not: also mail me

happy configuring!

If you have trouble getting a partitioning / formatting software for mklinux:

This is HD-SC-Setup 7.53, delivered with System 7.6

And this is a patch to make it work with any drive

Remember: Altering the original Files of Apple may violate Apples copyrights!


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